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2021 Board of Directors

President: Bill Morgan

1st Vice Presidents (Membership): Craig and Sharon Meppen

2nd Vice President (Bookstore): Pam Hoverter

Secretary: Jeannette Jamjoo

Treasurer: Shauna Foard

Standing Committee Chairs

Book Sale: Diane Watson

**Communications: Virginia Sansing

Hospitality: Arlene Buhl

Newsletter: (vacant)

Publicity: Claudia Valentine

Volunteer Hours: Ashleigh Chesser

Yearbook: Sharon and Craig Meppen

Immediate Past President: Chip Franck

Library Director (non-voting committee member): Gretchen Pruett

                    ** Website Administrator: Craig Meppen
                    ​** Email: Jennifer Silbaugh, Chip Franck, Craig Meppen

​                     ** Facebook Monitor: Susie Waters

​                    ** Twitter Monitor: Donna Laux